Chevron B16

Chevron B16 M10




We are very proud to offer for sale this beautiful Chevron B16. Assembled using an original Chevron body, on a chassis built from original Chevron drawings by an ex March amd McLaren F1 mechanic over a period of about 30 years, the build story itself is worthy of its own book! With the car will come a large folder of documentation which outlines its history, including hand written letters to and from Chevron from the original owner, as well as all of the technical drawings, and the original invoices from Chevron for the many parts purchased during the build process.


The B16 was homologated with three engine types; the Ford FVC was the period engine of choice, but the BMW M10 engine was generally felt to be a better endurance engine, and does not require a rebuild every 4 hours as the FVC did. The third engine choice was the Mazda Rotary, which one car ran, with limited success. This particular car runs a BMW M10 engine, which is fitted with all of the correct Chevron B16/BMW M10 specific parts such as oil pump, water pump and distributor drive housing, 48 DCOE Weber carburettors, and bolted on the rear is the period correct Hewland FT200 five speed transaxle. The engine dynoed at 223 horsepower with very good torque when built.


Looking over the car your attention is immediately drawn to the finer details; the smaller parts all being period correct, from the disc brakes and calipers, to the correct Fiat 800 tail lights (genuine, not reproduction!) to the period indicator switch. The chassis has been built exactly as original, to a very high standard, with brazed welds, instead of the commonly used TIG welds seen on some contemporary replicas. An FIA HTP was applied for and received, although this has now lapsed and will need renewing.


A handful of the original 23 or so Chevron B16 cars remain today, maybe 7 in total, and this car compares very favourably to any of those in the quality of finish and presentation, yet at a much more affordable price.


Included in the purchase price will be an assortment of spares including body panels, suspension parts and wheels, as well as build jigs and a full set of original factory drawings. 


From the polished 3 piece wheels to the bright yellow paintwork, this car is a standout!