1986 Mazda 323 BFMR Group A

1986 Mazda 323 BFMR Gp.A Rally Car


Mazda Japan provided Rod Millen Motorsport two new 323 4wd turbo car for the 1989 Asia Pacific Rally Championship. The cars were registered (in NZ) OL4090 and OL4091, this car being the later. OL4090 was used for New Zealand and Australia and OL 4091 Malaysia, Indonesia and Himalayan rounds. Results for OL4091 was Round 2 Indonesia DNF Round 4 Malaysia 2nd Round 5 Himalayan 1st The combination of the two cars resulted in Rod Millen winning the 1989 Asia Pacific Rally Championship, making it Mazda’s only FIA Championship win. The car was then acquired by Richard Kelsey in 1990 (would drove and worked for Millen in the RX7 rally cars ) it was imported into New Zealand and he converted it to RHD to be campaigned in the NZ rally Championship. The car was sold to Roger Goss who used it for a couple years and sponsored by CRC. The current owner brought the car in 1995 and restored it back to its original livery and it was used for the 1996 and 2001 Targa NZ rally’s. Since then it has only competed in Rod Millen’s own event Leadfoot Festival. The car is totally original,(apart from RHD conversion) with all of the original Gp. A components, including the “handed” Panasport wheels which were made specifically for these cars.

It's has the usual spares; brakes, struts, axles, wishbone, rear subframe, two sets of spare rims and other small bits. Motor is original, just serviced, Gearbox has been rebuilt a couple times. Mechanically it's ready to go.

Car can be imported into the UK under heading 97. 05 (collections and collectors’ pieces of historical interest), where customs duty is nil, and VAT is charged at an effective tariff rate of 5%.

This car is located in New Zealand, and we can ship this anywhere in the world at a competitive rate. NZD$150,000 GBP£72,000 Euro €84,000