We buy or sell cars on behalf of our clients. Through our many contacts in the world of collectable cars and the motorsport industry, we are able to buy and sell cars often without needing to advertise. Please contact us if you are looking to buy a particular car, or have an interesting car to sell.   



We can act for either sellers and buyers, but will only act for one side in any deal, and they will pay our fee.   

The commission charged is the same for buyers and sellers, and the fee is dependent on our success.

Fees will be charged as follows:

 - Up to NZD$1,000,000 we charge a 10% commission, with a minimum fee of $10,000 per car

 - From  NZD$1,000,000 to NZD$2,000,000 we charge a 7.5% comission

 - Above NZD$2,000,000 we charge a 5% comission

GST of 15% applies to our fees for all clients iin NZ, so fees will be 10%+ GST, or 11.5% for example.